How to Vote on a teaDAO Proposal

Who can vote?

Projects with stTEA from self-staking, or community staking on the project.

At the core of teaDAO’s governance lies a principle that blends community support and democratic decision-making: the delegation model. This model is crafted to ensure that when you stake TEA with a project you’re affirming your belief in their long-term vision and granting them enhanced voting power. This approach ensures the growth and direction of the tea Protocol are guided by collective belief and support.

Transitioning to the specifics, projects that possess staked TEA are eligible voters in the teaDAO. This process recognizes and empowers projects that are invested in and committed to the growth and success of the tea Protocol and ecosystem.

Moreover, projects that allocate stTEA to their own Bug Bounty Pool gain voting power. This mechanism not only underscores a project’s dedication to its own security and integrity but also its commitment to the broader ecosystem’s well-being, granting them a say in the governance of teaDAO.

Further enriching this governance landscape, community members who stake their TEA in support of a project, thereby delegating their stTEA, extend their voting capacity to these projects. This form of delegation empowers community members to back projects they believe in, providing these projects with greater influence in teaDAO governance decisions.

How to vote?

Reminder: Project treasuries are the only entities that can cast a vote in the teaDAO

  1. Begin by accessing the tea App. Within the app, locate and select the teaDAO section. This dedicated space is your gateway to engaging with the governance of the tea Protocol.

  2. Select the proposal you would like to vote on

  3. Review the proposal and confirm that you want to approve the proposal

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and cast your vote


Can I change my vote?

In the current version (v1), changing your vote isn't possible as the tea Protocol covers all gas fees without limitations. However, we're excited to share that we are planning for this feature to be available in v2, allowing for greater flexibility in your voting decisions.

In the future, we plan to empower projects with the ability to conduct polls among their stakers, serving as a ‘temperature check’ to gauge preferences on upcoming voting decisions. This feature will provide projects with a direct line to their supporters’ sentiments, ensuring that voting actions reflect the collective will of their community.

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