Can I review the teaRank of my favorite OSS Project?

Absolutely! The tea Protocol provides a comprehensive and transparent system for evaluating the impact and contribution of OSS projects through Proof of Contribution. By reviewing the Proof of Contribution of your favorite OSS project, you can gain valuable insights into its significance and overall impact to the open-source software ecosystem.

To review the teaRank of an OSS project,

  1. Select "Check My Project teaRank" on the tea website.

  1. Enter the name of your favorite OSS project in the search box

  1. Click on your favorite project's name to visualize its' properties

  1. Review your favorite project's teaRank, package manager, Git source URL and impact level.

  1. Review your favorite project's eligibility for teaRank rewards (*).

In our example, openzeppelin-rs is eligible for teaRank rewards.

  1. Review your favorite project's eligibility for staking rewards commissions.

In our example, openzeppelin-rs is eligible for staking rewards commissions. i.e. the project will receive a portion of the staking rewards received by the projects who depend on it.

  1. Review your favorite's project's dominance in the open-source ecosystem.

In our example, openzeppelin-rs has a greater impact than 18% of all open-source projects across the package managers currently supported.

teaRank not only enhances the accuracy of evaluating OSS project impact but also facilitates a fair and proportional distribution of rewards to contributors. By accurately assessing the impact of a project and its dependencies, the rewards can be allocated accordingly, allowing contributors to be fairly recognized and incentivized for their contributions.

(*) Estimation based on openzeppelin-rs' teaRank, current dependencies, and other projects registered. Projected rewards may vary, might not hold any inherent value, their value can be subject to change due to various factors.

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