Future Work and Roadmap

Proof of Contribution is aiming to boost the sustainability of the software supply chain by addressing how OSS impact is measured and rewarded. While Proof of Contribution is being established centrally at first to allow proper spam protection and fair value attribution, the development and maintenance of Proof of Contribution will be progressively decentralized.

The impact metrics used by Proof of Contribution will also be calibrated over time for more nuanced evaluations. Future versions of the algorithm may incorporate more varied types of contributions and dependencies, addressing both code and non-code factors. Spam detection and resistance will remain as a central focus for the design of the algorithm.

Proof of Contribution is not just an algorithm—it also represents a vision of an OSS landscape that is more equitable and community driven. The continuous refinement of Proof of Contribution aims to benefit all, from individual developers to the entire software ecosystem.

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