Token Supply Inputs

Token Distribution Schedule

TEA’s Distribution Schedule dictates the issuance of tokens to various individuals and stakeholders within the protocol. 51.4% of the TEA tokens created by the protocol are allocated to “Ecosystem & Governance.” These tokens are used as incentives to encourage project maintainers, users, and supporters to perform activities that provide value to the decentralized network. A portion of these tokens are maintained in a DAO treasury and used to vote in protocol governance.

Roughly 18.6% of the maximum token supply will be allocated to core contributors participating in “Protocol development”. This allocation is used to promote the continued evolution of the tea Protocol which will contribute to the sustainability of the OSS ecosystem. “Early supporters & advisors” will receive approximately 12.7% of the maximum TEA token supply.

The remaining 17.2% of TEA tokens to be distributed will be utilized to facilitate the protocol’s mainnet launch. This will include a strategic token sale to various institutional investors (11%), and a public sale to promote widespread community distribution at the token generation event or TGE (3%). The remaining 3.2% of TEA tokens will be allocated to support marketplace liquidity once a token generation event occurs.

Token Allocation by Group Name

Token Emissions Schedule

TEA’s emissions schedule determines the manner and rate at which tokens enter the circulating supply. TEA’s emissions curve is conservative and spans over 50 years with a majority of the token supply introduced programmatically based on network participation. Accordingly, TEA’s inflation is limited based on its success in onboarding OSS projects and their communities. The four major groups of network participants that are eligible to receive TEA tokens as part of the protocol’s incentive-based emissions are listed below.

  • OSS Project Maintainers

  • tea Community Members

  • Project Supporters, and

  • Vulnerability Reporters

TEA tokens will also be utilized to support OSS projects and secure the software supply chain through staking, including the right to challenge a project’s codebase by conducting a review and reporting bugs or vulnerabilities, reward the open-source developers of registered projects, and participate in the governance of the tea Protocol.

The tea Protocol will conduct its token generation event (“TGE”) with roughly 19% of its maximum token supply unlocked and in circulation. Of the tokens in circulation at TGE, almost half will be allocated to the DAO and will be utilized for governance. Roughly 33% of the initial circulating supply will be utilized to facilitate the protocol’s mainnet launch including a public sale to promote widespread community distribution and tokens allocated to support marketplace liquidity. The remaining tokens will be distributed as protocol incentives and airdrops to network participants including OSS projects, and community members. Once the mainnet is live, TEA tokens will begin emitting to OSS projects that onboard to the protocol, as well as individuals and who interact with the network.

% of Total Token Supply Emitted, by Group Name

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