Donating to OSS Projects

Why donate to OSS Projects via the tea Protocol?

Donating to OSS projects via the tea protocol allows you to directly support the development and maintenance of open-source software that you rely on and appreciate. Donations also affect dependencies by trickling down to them, providing a strong foundation for software to be built upon.

Donations via the tea protocol provide you with a way to track and audit donations that either you or others made to any OSS project. As all donations are stored on the blockchain, donors automatically receive on-chain recognition as their donation is visible for other community members to see. This transparency and accountability is very important to both users and package maintainers and is made possible by the power of the immutable ledger which the blockchain provides.

How are donations distributed across a project's dependencies?

Every project that receives a donation retains 80% of the amount donated and distributes the remaining 20% to its dependencies according to their teaRank. Each dependency, in turn, retains 80% of the donation they receive and distributes the remaining 20% to their own dependencies according to their teaRank. This distribution continues iteratively until the bottom of the stack is reached.

For example, let's assume that project foo has 2 dependencies fee and bar.

  • fee's teaRank is 35, and

  • bar's teaRank is 65.

Assume that foo receives a 10,000 USDC donation. foo will retain 8,000 USDC and the remaining 2,000 USDC will be distributed across fee and bar as follows:

  • fee receives (35 / (35+65)) = 35% of the 2,000 USDC, or 700 USDC

  • bar receives (65 / (35+65)) = 65% of the 2,000 UDC, or 1,300 USDC

Now assume bar has 2 dependencies: fie and foe.

  • fie's teaRank is 10, and

  • foe's teaRank is 20.

bar received 1,300 USDC and retains 1,300 x 80% = 1,040 USDC, leaving 260 USDC to split between fie and foe.

  • fie receives (10 / (10+20)) = 33.3% of the 260 USDC, or 86.7 USDC

  • foe receives (20 / (10+20)) = 66.7% of the 260 USDC, or 173.3 USDC

How to donate to OSS Projects on the tea protocol

To donate TEA to a project of your choosing, follow these steps when the tea Incentivized Testnet launches:

  1. Navigate to the OSS Staking screen in your tea dashboard.

  2. Search for and select the project you would like to donate to.

  3. Scroll down and copy the project’s address from the “Support ProjectName with a donation” card.

  4. To donate the desired amount of TEA tokens, use your tea-native digital wallet and send it to the copied address.

  5. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

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