Signing up

Your first step to get started with tea is to onboard onto the tea protocol. To get started you’ll want to visit the tea web app when the tea Incentivized Testnet launches.

Here’s what is required to onboard to tea:

  • Provide your GitHub username or email address

  • Create a username for the tea Protocol

  • Establish a tea-native digital wallet

Your digital wallet is automatically created during the onboarding process. tea works with Safe (f.k.a. Gnosis Safe) to provide all protocol users with a battle-tested software-based, multi-signature wallet. A multi-signature digital wallet supports approvals from multiple contributors, with governance embedded to enable teams of OSS developers to decide autonomously who participates in disbursements from their project's treasury.

Why join as an OSS developer?


By joining as an OSS developer and contributing to the open-source software ecosystem, you have the opportunity to be rewarded for your valuable contributions. The tea protocol enables you to focus on your passion projects and receive rewards based on the impact or value of your project in the OSS ecosystem, as determined by the project's teaRank. Additionally, by having other developers stake their TEA on your project, you can earn even more rewards. This creates a sustainable and accountable environment for contributors, maintainers, and users within the tea protocol community.

Access to a community of whitehats

The tea protocol provides you access to a vibrant community of like-minded developers and security researchers who are passionate about the sustainability and quality of open-source software.

A superior package manager that leverages the tea protocol

tea is partnered with the package manager called pkgx, which allows developers to run anything on any machine without worrying about the complexities of installation. In addition, this ecosystem features an app store specifically for open-source software and scripts. Here, you can browse, track, and learn more about the diverse range of open-source projects available.

How to join the tea Protocol

  1. Join by providing your email address or by connecting your digital token wallet.

    If you choose to connect your existing digital wallet, you’ll need to sign the message sent to your address.

  2. Connect your GitHub account or input a username you would like to continue with instead.

    If you connected your GitHub account, this screen allows you to claim your GitHub username on tea or use a different one.

You’re ready to go! You’ll be redirected to your tea Protocol dashboard once we are done brewing your account.


Is my information secure on the tea protocol?

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. We collect, process, and use your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and in compliance with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (“FADP”), the Swiss Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (“OFADP”), and the General European Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

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