Value Proposition, Value Creation & Incentives

Value Proposition

At tea, we're revolutionizing the open-source landscape by addressing a critical issue – the lack of tangible rewards for the dedicated efforts of open-source maintainers and contributors. tea's decentralized protocol not only acknowledges the invaluable contributions of developers but also introduces a trustless system for them to capture the value they create. With tea, we're redefining the open-source software ecosystem, making it sustainable, transparent, and rewarding for all its contributors.

Value Creation

The value of the tea Protocol is that it creates a fully composable open-source ecosystem. The protocol accomplishes this in two distinct ways.

  • First, by allowing seamless interaction between projects and their communities. This encourages network participants to submit bug or vulnerability reports to project maintainers and OSS projects to address these reports in a timely manner. This also promotes more transparent linkages between project dependencies and dependents, which may encourage cross collaboration amongst core contributors due to their mutually aligned goals.

  • Second by assigning a universal score to each project to quantify its impact and orientation within the broader open-source ecosystem. This promotes healthy competition amongst projects to continually improve their codebase and usage by other packages within the ecosystem in order to increase their rank.

Full composability is achieved regardless of each OSS project’s package manager, dependencies, and dependents.


Users will be able to earn rewards through the tea protocol's incentive algorithm that applies across every qualifying entry in the tea registry. These rewards will be proportional to their ecosystem-wide contributions. Project maintainers can track their contributions to the ecosystem through their project's teaRank which is determined through Proof of Contribution.

In the tea ecosystem, rewards are distributed through TEA, the ecosystem's digital token. Users can stake TEA to projects, which demonstrates their belief in the project's value and helps increase its reputation and visibility within the ecosystem. Staking TEA allows users to actively participate in the growth and development of the tea ecosystem, while also potentially earning rewards for their contributions.

With this incentivized system, we believe that open-source maintainers and contributors will be able to focus on adding value to the open-source software ecosystem while also being held accountable.

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