tea & Scripting


You can use tea as the shebang for your scripts:
#!/usr/bin/env -S tea [email protected]
import sys
$ chmod +x ./my-script.py
$ ./my-script.py
Using env to invoke tea is typical for tools that have no POSIX location.
The -S parameter is required to pass multiple arguments.

Including Additional pkgs

Scripts are the glue that allows open source to be composed into powerful new tools. With our +pkg syntax you make anything in open source available to your your script.
#!/usr/bin/env -S tea +openssl deno run

Shell Scripting

eval "$(tea --shellcode)"
# ^^ integrates `tea` during this script execution
tea +openai
# ^^ requires integration
openai --version
Robustness requires precisely specifying your environment:
#!/usr/bin/env -S tea bash>=4
source <(tea --shellcode)
# ^^ bash >=4 is required for this syntax, and eg macOS only comes with bash 3

Super Portable Scripts

If you like you can use our cURL-installer in your scripts. If tea is installed then the script just exits and uses that tea, if it’s not installed, it installs tea to a temporary directory first.
eval "$(curl -Ssf https://tea.xyz)"
which tea #=> /tmp/tea.xyz/tea
echo $PATH #=> /tmp/tea.xyz:$PATH
tea +node@16 which node #=> /tmp/tea.xyz/nodejs.org/v16/bin/node
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