tea & Docker

We provide an image based on Debian Buster (slim) preloaded with tea:
$ docker run -it teaxyz/cli
$ tea +node@16
$ npm start
You can use this as a base:
FROM teaxyz/cli
RUN tea +node@16
RUN npm start
Or if you want to use tea in another image:
FROM archlinux
RUN eval "$(curl -Ssf --proto '=https' https://tea.xyz)"
RUN tea +node@16
RUN npm start
evaling our one-liner also integrates tea with the container’s shell. If you don’t want that you can curl -Ssf tea.xyz | sh instead.
We have binaries for Linux aarch64 (arm64) thus Docker on your Apple Silicon Mac is as fast and easy as deployments.
Last modified 20d ago