Without the Installer

tea is a standalone binary and you can prove it:
$ curl -Lo tea https://tea.xyz/$(uname)/$(uname -m)
$ chmod u+x ./tea
$ echo '# tea *really is* a standalone binary' | ./tea --sync glow -
tea: installing charm.sh/glow
# `tea --sync` updates pkgs, but you have to call it *at least once*
# our installer does this for you normally
tea stows packages in ~/.tea and thus the above will do that!

A Fancy One-Liner

Here’s a one-liner that downloads tea, makes it executable and puts it in /usr/local/bin:
sudo install -m 755 \
<(curl --compressed -LSsf https://tea.xyz/$(uname)/$(uname -m)) \

Via Homebrew

We love brew (tea’s its spiritual successor) so you can use our tap:
brew install teaxyz/pkgs/tea-cli

Via Docker

docker run --rm -it teaxyz/cli
The Docker image is built nightly: https://github.com/teaxyz/infuser
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