Installing tea

The easiest way to install tea is with our installer:
sh <(curl https://tea.xyz)
Using fish? Then: sh <(curl https://tea.xyz | psub)
The script installs to ~/.tea and sets up magic (we ask politely first).

Want to Read the Sources for that Script First?

What Happens

  • Firstly we confirm you’re cool before we do anything
    • If so we install tea to ~/.tea
    • If not we exit with failure
  • We then ask if you want magic
    • If so we add one line to your ~/.shellrc
    • If not we exit successfully
charm.sh/vhs recording

It’s Not Just an Installer

If you run it again, it’ll update tea.

That’s Not All

The tea one-liner can also be used to provide your users a temporary sandbox for your projects. They can use the power of tea to try out your project without installing tea or your project.
See The tea One-Liner for more details

Linux Caveats

On Linux you may need some pre-requisite packages from your system packager. This is a temporary situation that we are fixing.
We are keeping a list of pre-reqs in this script.
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