Our magic puts the entire open source ecosystem at your fingertips. Our installer enables it by adding some hooks to your shell:
  • A hook when changing directory that sets up project environments
    • Environments are just shell environment variables
  • A hook for the “command not found” scenario that installs that command before running it
Magic is entirely optional, tea is still entirely usable without it.
Our “command not found” magic only works at a terminal prompt. Thus eg. VSCode won’t magically find deno. Shell scripts won’t automatically install tools they try to run. This is intentional. Magic should not lead to anarchy.
Our magic means that tea packages are not generally accessible from the rest of the system.
$ which bun
bun not found
$ tea --dry-run bun --version
imagined: bun.sh^0.4
~/.tea/bun.sh/v0.4.0/bin/bun --version
$ bun --version
tea: installing bun.sh^0.4
$ which bun
bun not found
# `bun` is not in your `PATH`
# ∵ tea doesn’t install packages
# ∴ using tea doesn’t compromise your system’s integrity
$ tea bun --version
# ^^ the same as `bun --version` but without magic
All packages are installed, segregated and encapsulated in ~/.tea for other parts of your system to access them you may have to make them accessible using tea +pkg syntax.
Symlinks to tea are resolved to that tool. Eg:
$ ln -s tea node
$ node
Welcome to Node 16.7.0
We support appending semver ranges:
$ ln -s tea node^14
$ node
Welcome to Node 14.2.0
> ^D
$ ln -s tea node~16.6
$ node
Welcome to Node 16.6.1

Using Magic in Shell Scripts

Our magic is not automatically added to scripts, but you can manually add it:
source <(tea --magic=bash)
# ^^ you have to specify which shell tho
And of course you can also use our one-liner:
source <(curl tea.xyz | sh -s -- --magic=bash)
Thus you can make a script that can effortlessly use any tool from the open source ecosystem. If they have tea installed it uses their installation, if not it installs everything (including tea itself) to a temporary sandbox that’s gone when the script completes.
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