The tea One-Liner

As a Proxy

Arguments passed to the one-liner act as though they were passed to tea itself.
$ sh <(curl tea.xyz) bun run start
bun: start…
Notably, if tea is not installed the one-liner does not install tea. Instead it stows and packages in a temporary sandbox and runs them there.
This may be useful for your getting started guides so users can try your tools out without consequences.

As an Updater

The installer will update tea if it’s already installed.

All Options

sh <(curl tea.xyz) --prefix /opt/tea
# ^^ installs tea to /opt/tea
sh <(curl tea.xyz) --version 0.24.10
# ^^ installs a specific version of tea/cli
sh <(curl tea.xyz) --yes
# assumes yes for all questions (for headless environments)
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